The One Powerful Move That Can Finally Usher In A Miracle In Your Love Life

When disappointment after disappointment has been your experience in love, it’s hard to believe you can actually have a big, beautiful love story.

Why should you believe that your future would be any different from your past?

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You don’t want to get your hopes up if you’re only bound to fail.

You’ve gotten excited about prospects before, only to be left with a broken dream and having to go back to square one.

Well, allow yourself to imagine, for just one moment, that heartbreak IS a thing of the past for you. And that, instead, you now stand with your beloved—the one who would make the entire journey totally worth it.

Does this seem like a miracle to you?

As near impossible as it may seem, I’m here to tell you that it IS entirely within your reach, and closer than you could ever believe.

Because miracles like this happen all the time for the hundreds of thousands of women.

And it all starts with one big, bold intention—an intention that has the power to overturn everything you’ve experience in love so far.

How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

When you think about the patterns you’ve been repeating so far, you may feel resigned to a loveless fate.

Just how are you going to create something entirely different?

How will you finally be able to stop the dating and searching and waiting—and instead be able to relax into a wonderful relationship with the love of your life?

How is it all going to fall into place?

Your heart can’t handle anymore disappointment. And, frankly, you don’t have time to waste. You might want a family—like I did when I was single in my early 40s.

I know firsthand what it’s like to yearn for a relationship and feel that my romantic history—and the clock—were working against me. My patience and my hopes were running dry, and I needed a miracle.

Then a miracle actually happened. But it wasn’t caused by luck or fate. I made my miracle happen.

The Bold Idea That Started A Movement To Create Love Miracles

For years I’d wanted to create a family of my own, yet by the time my 41st birthday rolled around, I’d pretty much given up hope that it was ever going to happen for me. In spite of being a psychotherapist who was helping others to have happy, successful, and satisfying unions every day, I was a true-blue card carrying member of the largest growing group in America—the never marrieds.

And that to me was really discouraging.

However, at the time I was also learning about the power of setting intentions, and I decided I had nothing to lose by applying it to my love life.

And so, after years of disappointing experiences in love which did not lead to the happily-ever-after I was hoping for, I set a bold intention that I would be engaged by my 42nd birthday.

This was kind of crazy at the time, because my birthday was only 8 months away, and I had no prospects for a husband, let alone a great husband.

But, to my astonishment, that’s exactly what happened. I “called in” and married my husband, right in the nick of time. And then another “miracle” happened: together we had our beautiful daughter, Alexandria, when I gave birth for the very first time at the age of 43 years.

Exponential Blessings Are Waiting For You, And It Starts With Intention

When I look back at what I had done to make my dream come true, it all started with setting that one intention—and that one, bold intention was the catalyst that led to my calling in my husband.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women set bold intentions to create miracles in their own love lives.

Right now, it may seem too hopeful, too unrealistic, and even out of your league to decide that you’re going to have a big, beautiful love story. That it could happen for you.

But writer Goethe said it best:

“Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth…that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no one could have dreamt would have come her way. …Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

What Goethe meant was that the single act of committing yourself to even a wildly unlikely outcome actually creates an unstoppable domino effect of the very best kind. That one commitment will bring forth experiences better than anything you could ever dream or plan.

A commitment like this changes you at your core. Your bold intention for love changes the way you show up in life and how you make every decision. It therefore changes WHO shows up in your life and what you experience.

Bold Intentions Move You Out Of Victimization And Into Victory

Another powerful way bold intentions work is that they instantly move you out of victim consciousness, where you have no power.

Up until now, you may have had all sorts of reasons why finding happy, healthy love has been so hard:

“There are no good men out there—all the good ones are taken.”

“The demographics are off in the city I live in.”

“Online dating is just such a minefield.”

These are all examples of external reasons why you haven’t found love. But with a bold intention for love, you are checking all these reasons at the door.

It’s not because these aren’t interesting reasons to explore, but because there is no access to POWER in them.

You simply can’t go back into the past and change how you showed up and what decisions you made. On the other hand, your commitment to set a bold intention now changes you and your choices in one fell swoop. Immediately, you move from being at the mercy of your circumstances to being a powerful creator— one who changes her future from every conscious choice in line with her intention.

You Can Create Your Own Miracle Of Love

The purpose of my life’s work is helping women like you create a miracle in your love life.

Set a bold intention for love, and get started on manifesting that intention by beginning to envision the fulfillment of love so you can start doing this each and every day, much like I did.

This alone will get you into a miracle mindset: moving you out of resignation and into possibility. You will begin to see yourself as the source of power in your love life, and from this you’ll begin to experience the unpredictable, unprecedented series of events that will start showing up in your life.

Then identify your specific painful and disappointing patterns in love, and begin to see yourself as the source of these patterns—and understand how these patterns have been happening through you and not just to you.

This will help you access the power you’ll need to finally break free of them and be liberated to create deep and lasting happiness in love.

I know that you do indeed possess the power to create a miracle in your love life. It all starts with taking one big, bold stand for love.

Lots of love and bye for now,

Katherine Woodward Thomas

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