Life-Changing Programs To Transform All Your Relationships

Here Are The Skills, Strategies, And Tools You Need To Permanently Improve Your Life

Relationships are the single most important contributors to our well-being and happiness, yet most of us have received very little training or preparation on how to do any of it successfully. That’s where we come in.
  • Wildly, Deeply, Joyously In Love
    Wildly, Deeply, Joyously In Love

    Learn the definitive, six-step process that has helped countless couples move from spinning their wheels and on the verge of quitting to wildly, deeply, joyously in love.

  • Date Without Heartbreak
    Date Without Heartbreak

    There are ten incredibly common mistakes most women make that keep them single. Learn them, and you can end the heartbreak and go-nowhere relationships once and for all.

  • Goddess of Pleasure
    Goddess of Pleasure

    From regularly reaching the “Big O” to overcoming the mental, emotional and physical barriers to great sex, this program is the definitive education on female pleasure.

  • Parenting Traps
    Parenting Traps

    How do you get your kids to behave now without harming their wellbeing later? Top parenting experts reveal how to avoid the most common parenting mistakes in order to raise happy adults.

  • Passion Play
    Passion Play

    Your sex life holds a powerful key to your wellbeing and relationship success. Here’s how to use time-tested secrets to cultivate your innate sexuality, have great sex, and feel more alive, in and out of the bedroom.

  • Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle
    Learning To Love Yourself Special Bundle

    In this special audio, eBook and workbook bundle, you’ll learn the single most powerful catalyst for change in life and love. A best-seller for over 3 decades, this transformative program will free you from dissatisfaction, increase self-esteem, and help you finally feel at peace with life.

  • Love And The Soulfully Sensitive Woman
    Love And The Soulfully Sensitive Woman

    Designed for highly-sensitive women who have been heartbroken way too many times, this program offers the customized dating advice you need to embrace your superpower and create an epic romance.

  • Thriving At Last
    Thriving At Last

    Is there a way to free yourself from emotional upset, fear, insecurity, and self-doubt? There is! Discover the 6 steps that will radically transform your life and leave you feeling empowered and happy at last.

  • Parenting That Empowers
    Parenting That Empowers

    Ensure your kids grow up to be confident, capable and truly happy adults. Learn what to say and do to instill positive self-esteem and eliminate self doubt, so they are empowered to be their authentic selves.

  • Wake Up In A New Marriage
    Wake Up In A New Marriage

    Have you and your partner grown apart? Fallen out of love? Research shows that you can be happy together again and create a more loving, resilient marriage, by learning these 5 critical skills.

  • The Soulmate Method
    The Soulmate Method

    The #1 reason why most new relationships reach a dead-end? The failure to distinguish between mere “chemistry” true compatibility. Learn how to be more discerning in dating and find the partner who will make you blissfully happy for life.

  • 30 Days to a Happier Life
    30 Days to a Happier Life

    The secret to being a deeply happy person is not how much money, success or love you have. It’s about learning certain habits that raise your happiness set-point. Learn them and feel happier in 30 days.

  • Deeper Dating
    Deeper Dating: The Powerful Path to Authentic Love

    Your greatest insecurities hide your greatest gifts. Learn how to uncover and appreciate these gifts, use them in dating to find your perfect match, and set your soul free

  • 5 Forces Destroying Your Relationship You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
    5 Forces Destroying Your Relationship

    Learn how to fix the underlying flaw behind all your relationship problems and create a joyful, supportive, passionate relationship that lasts.

  • Positive Discipline Made Easy
    Positive Discipline Made Easy

    Get your kids to cooperate while instilling confidence and capability. In this step-by-step guide, learn the most effective parenting tools to eliminate stress, yelling and parental burnout, while fostering long term success.

  • Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program
    Learning To Love Yourself Advanced Program

    At the core of almost ALL problems is the fact that we don’t really love ourselves. But HOW can we do that when we feel criticized or when everything seems to be going wrong? Katie and Gay Hendricks developed their Advanced Program to be fastest, most effective way to learn how to love yourself available anywhere.

  • Parenting Without Bargains, Battles or Bribes
    Parenting Without Bargains, Battles or Bribes

    If some days feel like one power struggle after another with your child, and you feel that you’ve failed as a parent, here’s the simple solution to create more harmony, fun, and peace in your household.

  • Self Love For True Love
    Self Love For True Love

    You know how important self love is, but how do you actually “do” it? This program will show you how to step into your full potential and relish the unique gifts and experiences you were born for.

  • Dating Rehab
    Dating Rehab

    Dating can be confusing, frustrating and boring. You need a radically fresh approach—one that will help you create a deeper connection from the start, so you can attract a partner who will cherish you for exactly who you are.

  • Energy For Life
    Energy For Life

    Create abundance, wellbeing, and utter magic with this all-in-one video program bridging quantum science, breathing techniques, and simple body exercises that tap into your body’s magnificence.

  • From Online to In-Love
    From Online to In-Love

    Learn the secrets and skills that most women over 40 don’t know, and get an “edge” when it comes to meeting that one special guy using a dating site or app.

  • Heroic Love
    Heroic Love

    Learn the critical ingredients that keep love fresh and fulfilling for decades. Start to approach your relationship like a hero: dare to be authentic, commit fiercely and create a more profound and soul-satisfying love than you ever imagined.

  • Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom
    Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

    Are you living your life based on fear or on love? Learn the practices and lifestyle strategies that will help you connect with your higher guidance (love) so that you can live from a deeper truth and experience a lasting sense of fulfillment and inner peace.

  • Relationship CPR
    Relationship CPR

    Has betrayal, disappointment or chronic fighting brought your relationship to the breaking point? Here’s how you can heal, make the right changes, and get your love back on track with powerful new behaviors that will transform your relationship.

  • Co-Parenting With Purpose
    Co-Parenting With Purpose

    No matter how much your lives have changed or how you feel about your ex, you can raise your kids to be happy, secure, and resilient. Learn simple, critical shifts you can make to take the drama out of co-parenting.

  • Inner Bonding Collection
    Inner Bonding Collection

    An Inner Bonding Masterclass! Three programs for one low price. Learn the powerful process that’s helped thousands transform ALL areas of their lives with lasting clarity, inner peace and strength.

  • Winning Mr. Wonderful
    Winning Mr. Wonderful

    Going on tons of first dates but ZERO second ones? This simple, effective approach will help you spark attraction and transform your dates from “snoozefest” to sizzling!

  • Inner Bonding Breakthrough (LIVE!)
    Inner Bonding Breakthrough (LIVE!)

    Meet LIVE with Dr. Margaret Paul to uncover what’s keeping you stuck in painful emotional patterns. Together you’ll design your clear roadmap to a life of abundance, joy and vitality.