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Strengthen the connection in your relationship and watch problems melt away
Dr. Pat Love

The two most common questions I get asked are: “Is Dr. Love your real name?” and “Did your name influence you to become a marriage and family therapist?”

My answers are yes and no.

Wake Up In A New Marriage

Transform Your Love From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Have you and your partner grown apart? Fallen out of love? Research shows that you can be happy together again and create a more loving, resilient marriage by making 5 simple shifts in how you relate to each other, even if you’re the only one making the changes.


Yes, Love is my real name, I was born with it, and I do have an earned doctorate but no, I don’t think my name was the driving force behind my career choice; that motivation came as I was trying to learn how to understand and create a healthy, happy relationship. First, for myself, and then to help others.

I came into adulthood having never seen a healthy love relationship. My parents didn’t have one, and we lived too far from extended family members to be influenced by their role models. Instead, I relied upon movies, love stories, fairy tales and local gossip.

I also came of age when male and female roles at home and work were undergoing drastic changes.

These transitions made marriage and family therapy far more interesting to me because of endless possibilities and the creativity it affords each couple. When it comes to relationships, one size doesn’t fit all—and I love that!

What I have found, time and time again, is that even though the particular problems in any given relationship may be unique, there are certain underlying principles that allow couples to fall in love. And there are also common reasons why partners grow apart.

My work focuses on recapturing and strengthening the connection that brought you and your partner together in the first place, because it’s this connection that will allow you to overcome the seemingly insurmountable.

While I have thoroughly enjoyed being a therapist and will continue to practice, my true passion is relationship education.

I don’t think most couples need therapy, they need information, skills and guidance to implement new ways of living and loving. Who among us couldn’t benefit from learning more about being a better lover?

If I have one talent, it is this: I can read and comprehend complicated research, but when it comes out of my mouth, it is super-simple and practical.

I rely on science and skills to help others, but the thousands of people I have helped have taught me that it’s the real-life stories that make the most sense and stay with us for the long haul.

That’s why, in my program, you’ll meet many of the couples who have crossed my path and have allowed me to enter into their unique relationship landscape. Many of them were painfully struggling at one point, and not one of them regrets doing the work that has allowed them to be deeply, unshakably connected now.

I look forward to helping you wake up in a new relationship, too.

May you have an extraordinary day,

Pat Love

Professional Credentials

Professional Credentials

  • Doctorate in counselor education from West Virginia University
  • Clinical practitioner in marriage and family therapy for 40 years
  • Featured on Oprah, The Today Show and CNN
  • Distinguished Professor, Texas A&M University in Commerce
  • First Master Trainer in Imago Relationships International and now Faculty Emeritus
  • Co-founded the Austin Family Institute, providing therapy, consultation, supervision, training and public education
  • Authored/co-authored seven books; four workbooks; several online/video courses and numerous professional articles
  • Served as President of the International Association for Marriage and Family Counseling

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